Making extra money while at college or uni

Financially it can be tough to be a student, everyone knows this. Course fees are at an all time high and the cost of living is on the rise as well. So obviously many students need to get a job to keep themselves a float. However there is a new craze taking hold that is giving students the means to make a living from home and a good living at that.

Matched betting has long been recommended by Martin Lewis and other money saving gurus but it has only been in the last couple of years that it has hit the main stream thanks to sites like OddsMonkey. They have allowed anyone to sign up and learn the art of matched betting and start making good money every single day.

The method is quite simple even though at first glance it looks very complicated. Very simply students are taking advantage of bookie bonuses and free bets. Bookmakers will award free bets for betting on certain games. This usually carries a big risk as your bet can lose leaving you down but with matched betting you are taking away that risk by laying all your qualifying bets off at an exchange like Betfair. This means you can qualify for the bonus risk free. Then you can either bet the free bet and hope for a win or lay this bet as well and lock in a profit. This is the method advocated by betting sites like Bonus Bagger and many others. Taking the smaller profit every time meaning every bet makes you a little bit of money. This method can make you £30-£50 a day in a couple of hours work.

This might be a lot more preferable to working in a bar for 8 hours for the same amount of money. It’s not for everyone but if you have some spare time on your hands it is worth looking into as it is incredibly simple to do. Especially if you follow the guides at Oddsmonkey. They teach you everything you need to know and provide software to do all the calculations for you.

This really is an excellent way to make an income on the side.